2000 bc - Different Mithos 

2000bcWith this title I mean a different way of seeing and reading the myths which speak to us from indestructible millennia, through a visual perspective, simply, different from the ordinary.
This looks very good, for example, here, in Kouroi, where the photo of two statues of children was taken from behind, which we are not accustomed to often do. And thus reveal surprises of niceties in even simple gestures as strong feelings in mouring figures or deluge artworks.

At a time very difficult like this, with many attack to antiquity, who considers blasfema and pointless, I think this kind of exhibition is a sign of continuity of the past, like putting our feet on the naked ground.


In the cover: tempio e cielo -  glue and acrylic on photography on paper applyed on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, 2013







8“My Phrometeus” talks about the rule of the God as saviour and Creator of men.
From the Aeschylus drama “the Phrometeus bound” English version by John Stuart Blackie, 1906

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