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(dalle asperità fino alle stelle)
(through hardships to the stars)

Personale ma virtuale
solo virtual exhibition



a cura/curated by
Eleonora Raspi

suoni/sounds by
Massimo Magrini


ufficio stampa/press office
Barbara Benincasi


The artist’s hand draws his sign on the paper, in search of both a sentiment and an image holding their breath in the act of their own composition. The phases of researching, creating and returning are told by Serasini all along the four exhibition rooms, and so position themselves at their midst. The persistent circularity emerging from these works points out the vulnerable condition of the human existence, trapped in its own habits, straight perspectives and fixed ways of living. Transforming rather than coming back should be the main aim: the time of waiting – one of the issues tackled in Serasini’s works – allows the man to look into forgotten worlds and come closer to them again. And so, the naked man, who is red likewise his own thoughts in front of the mirror, liaises his feelings with the Romanticism sentiment, and so it addresses Nature looking for answers or finding himself again as part of it.  “The land is guiding your steps” writes Serasini in Locus II, as he feels the urge to stress again the tight relationship between the man and his land. The color red is distinctive in these exposition rooms (especially Locus II and Locus III) and accompanies the viewer through this visual/sound experience: the overall effect is a cold and lively space. Like pieces of a puzzle, images fill the screen and create new pastiches, featuring Serasini’s distinctive freedom of creating and playing with his works. How did we arrive to such disintegration? How could we re-construct ourselves once we became aware of the impossibility of coming back to before? These questions lead the viewer to the last room, Locus IV, where figurative representation leaves the space to abstraction. “Binary stars”, new form in the artist’s vocabulary, represent the origin and the constant transformation of the matter: the romantic story of two stars that cannot live without each other, always together and infinitely repeated. 

Eleonora Raspi


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