What are migrations for me?

migrantesWhich's the pain that people can hold to leave their contries for a new life?
For many years I've collected articles and made scretch of installations and other thisngs to do, but I never started.
But, in 2013, when in Lampedusa happened the shipwrecks I started this project with a brief graphic novel, con queste mani, and since 2013, together with Cantiere Nuovo cultural association and some friends and artist I'm continuing with this theme, always actual, against stupidity...




lucaserasini cartolina1

The invisilbes - postcards, printed photos on paper on plexiglass, 2015, 24 x 18 cm

These photoworks are a declination of the interactive lightbox "gli invisibili" and talks about the superficial perception of migrants.

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lucaserasini gliinvisibili02

Gli Invisibili - interactive lightbox, 2015, 120 x 45 cm
This light box, together with "the Invisibles - postcards" talks about the superficial matter about one of the worst facts that happen nowadays in the Mediterraneo sea (but not only) : the migration with boats, with hope and the tragedy.

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conquestemani LucaSerasini 1

My first graphic novel about Lampedusa tragedy of October 3, 2013. With this artwork started the #MIGRATION project.

A Cantiere Nuovo cultural association prodution.

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A not-completed grahic novel about migrations... Used for "Incontri di storie" at the end 2015 for Giunti Scuola adn Archivio delle Memorie Migranti (AMM)

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