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here you can find all the images and the process of the "making of" the land art.

Here some articles about this project:

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After a long long (and hard) work Frange d'Interferenza is ready!

See you Saturday October 8, 4:00 pm. :-)

DJI 0253.frange final

The main fringe F(a) is done. 150 mq of grass cutted, about 1 hour of work...

But I'm so happy and excited...
Tomorrow I'm going to finish :-)

DJI 0018

I'm very sorry for the delay I post in the blog, but while I am building the installation I had also to think about the exhibition...
I'm writing now when the exhibition is ended, and I'm very happy about it and how the frange's borders were been done!

THis the last week to work on it, I must cut the grass inside and call someone to use a rotary tiller to "till" the earth... 


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