#videopremiere In June/July our Instagram page was documenting the progress of FRANGE D'INTERFERENZA, a new land & sound art project from our collaborator @lucaserasini10 (#cooltzine1 2018, #cooltzine4 2021) and electronic musician Massimo Magrini (#badsector), based around the gravitational waves recordings from the Virgo interferometer near Pisa. Their experiments continue and we're looking forward to seeing the full installation in 2022 BUT, in the meantime, JOIN US for a special VIDEO PREVIEW - TODAY 2 October, 17:30 (GMT) on our IGTV
(ore 18.30 per l'Italia...)
What are gravitational waves and what does it mean to 'capture' them? "Gravitational waves are produced by very big events, which occur, for example when binary (neutron) stars collapse into one. They start spinning around faster and faster, and the collide. This massive events produce a sort of glitch in space-time, which travels for million and million light years. Gravitational waves cause space itself to stretch in one direction and simultaneously compress in a perpendicular direction. This alteration of space-time can be detected by the interferometers comparing the length of two long perpendicular "arms", made by laser lights. The resulting signal can be easily translated into a sound.
Each event has its special "fingerprint" but, yes, most of them sound (or look) like a very fast sweep" -- Massimo Magrini, 2021.
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