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A “journey through little stars” is a web residence for Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) community, supported also by StarTalk community, created to engage different kind of people (amateurs, photographers) and from different countries, to develop an contemporary art project based on stars and constellations, because Nothing is more globalised of heaven, as now is the Internet, which as the sky envelops us all.
I ask to people that want to join some photos of constellations. With that photos I make some artworks, using different techniques, from photo-collage to installations… (here some examples).
Everything is transmitted with short videos, some recorded, some live…
5 stops (but maybe 3), to meet 3 or 5 different constellations…

Read here the terms and conditions...



Here you can see how I was introduced to AWB community, first with a text and photo post,
the second with a live interview with Mike Simmons (president) and Daniela del Paulis (AstroArts director).

post AWB interview low




Let's start from Orion constellation. What I ask to people is to send me one photo of the complete constellation.
In the second video I explain the reason why I made Orion's constellation as my second land art installation.

video 1 photogallery 1orion land artwhy1 artworks





That's the second stop of the journey, let's see also how I'll make a little alabaster stone installation constellation
with some simple elements. You have also the possibility to make your own little one!!!


2 bigdipper 12 photogallery2 artworks


STOP #3 (the last) - THE MILKY WAY

That's the last stop of owr journey, our Galaxy... Video call featuring Fulla Jallad


milkyway call3 photogallery3 artworks