A journey through little stars

web-residence @ Astronomers Without Borders (AWB)

This web residence is inspired by my artist’s book made this summer titled “Piccole stelle da viaggio” (Journey through little stars) that is a poetic journey through 9 stars of the constellations I built as land artworks since 2013 for Progetto Costellazioni project.
Each page of this little book is dedicated to each of these stars through a graphical representation of the star and a short poem. I'll use 5 stars of the 9 illustrated in the book as a trace for the web-residence.

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) brings people together from around the world through the common interest in astronomy. Online programs and special events of various kinds allow us to share our passion with each other. We all share the same sky. the Arts and Culture programs of AWB bridge the border between art and science, highlighting the many perspectives of astronomy found in every worldwide throughout time.

AWB interview

Mike Simmons (President) Daniela De Paulis (Director of Art program) and me


Highlines of the web-residence

In the first part of the web residence I will ask participants to send me photos of the constellations they belong to the stars so to have the same constellations from different parts of the world (and perhaps in different hours). With these photos I will realize some art works using techniques of contemporary art as the photographic compositions, photo-painting and other cut out techniques.

For the second part of the “journey” I want to "enter" the participants more actively in the project by making them some small artworks in the gardens or in the outside (installations), or by sending their photographs to me by mail (mail art), or by sending me short videos or audio files.

Stay tuned!!!


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