Orione, il grande cacciatore

invito Orione

by Luca Serasini
land art Installation
100 x 50 meters, TNT, nails, aluminium, wood, LEDs and electronic timing

Poggio al Casone, Crespina, Pisa, ITALY
via Volpaia 16.
From 17th October to 1st November, 2015
After the summer artist residency of Mr Joey Davis, from October 17th 2015 Materia Prima Art Project hosts Mr Luca Serasini with his Land Art installation dedicated to the constellation of Orion. After constellation Taurus, built in 2013 Luca Serasini, together with Massimo Giannoni keeps on developing this topic by updating it to a different and more immersive experience by bringing visitors to "walk" along lines ranging from a "star" to another and appreciate, imagine and dream about the transposition on the mainland of this little piece of sky.
This installation (and the choice of the Orion constellation) is a tribute to this land of vineyards highlighting the dualistic nature of the wine, with its lights but also its darkest sides, both inseparable parts of the concept of zoe, indestructible and cyclical life, key concepts at the origin of the cult of Dionysus.
And the dark side will be given at night, lighting up the stars of the constellation and, for the weekend of October 17 and 18 with the creation of sound carpets that stars "emit" from within, sounds created for the occasion
 by sound designer Massimo Magrini (Bad Sector nicknamed in art) inspired to some characteristics of the stars themselves, creating a dreamy atmosphere that will accompany visitors along the path of the constellation.

Luca also made an artist's book with the materials used in the installation.

To know and discover the moments during the building of the installation go to the blog :-)

The visit to the installation will run until 1st November, from Thursday to Sunday, by accessing from the street Via Volpaia, (see the instruction at the top right of this page). The soundtrack by Bad Sector is also available in loco by your smartphone.

info: +39 0587 292900
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