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Luca Serasini (1971)

He began his activity with oil painting in 1996 and since 2003 he has been exploring various other techniques, from photography to video and video installations up to land art, and thanks to his studies in electronics, to create interactive devices that allow an active involvement of visitors in his installations, both indoor and outdoor. In 2023 he began working with stone, copper and wood.
A great lover of mythology and astronomy, he applies these passions in interactive land art installations for the Progetto Costellazioni (Constellations Project, 2013), which starts from the question of whether we still really need the stars today, a world made up of legends now far removed from our daily lives.
Surreal, on the other hand, is the cycle of Nuvole e Sedie (Clouds and Chairs, 2020), mainly graphic works of literary (Aristophanes, Bulgakov) and theatrical (Ionesco) inspiration.
The latest cycle he has begun working on is the sculptures for the Marconisti (2023), a project that aims to highlight the spirit of research that guided Marconi's discoveries by creating immersive experiences on the theme of radio and telecommunications and, through the symbolism of the staircase and stone, a spiritual vision linked to some themes dear to monotheistic religions.
In all three cycles/projects there is, as the lowest common denominator, an upward vision, towards the immense that is above and beyond the human being, but which helps to complete it, giving it meaning.





Exhibitions and Installations (2010-2023):


Gli Ascoltatori - Installation (with Marco Ricci del Mastro) - Over The Real Festival/Lucca Film Festival.
Ursa Major (minor est!) - land art interactive installation - Supergau Festival, Austria.
The Marconisti/il Sogno - interactions, installations and soundscape - with Marco Ricci del Mastro and Francesca Cavallini - Centro Espositivo Comunale, Cecina (LI).



Frange d’interferenza, in ascolto del cosmo - land & sound art interactive installation - EGO VIRGO GW Observatory, in collaboration with Materia Prima, Over the Real and others. (PI).
La geometria del tempo - project artworks exhib about Frange d’interferenza land art, Cascina (PI).



Per aspera ad astra - web project.
In Lucem, le parole/ i suoni /i corpi / l’idea - multichannel videoinstallation, Carte Blanche Association, S. Pietro Theater, Volterra (PI).
EGO/VIRGO Prologo - video for Nature Art Video, 9° Geumgang Naure Art Biennale - Korea.
Lo Spazio ti cambia - multimedia exhib - Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and CNR - Festival della Scienza Genova.



Le storie di S. Nicola - permanent light installation - Peccioli (PI).
Lès ètoiles binaire - land art installation - Ifitry artist’s residence - Marocco.



Costellazioni Larderello/light art - videoprojections on geothermal cooling towers and exhib. Comune di Pomarance and ENEL Green Power, Larderello and Pomarance (PI).
Khàos/Order/Dispose, installazioni, interazioni e alabastri - exhib - Luca Serasini and Alessandro Marzetti - Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra (PI).
Window Project winner: 2012-2018 - Group show - Gazelli Art House, London.


Alfa-Tauri - permanent site-specific installation and exhib. - Artinsolite show - Lajatico (PI).
BAU 14 GPS - Artist’s container and group exhibition - GAMC, Viareggio (LU).
Come Iadi tra le Pleiadi - interactive land art installation- XIV edition, Accenni di Contemporaneo Festival, Civitella d’Agliano (VT).
Große Wagen and Alcor & Mizar (indoor) - land art and site-specific indoor installation JUL center, Weimar (DE).
The Kháos of Cosmos - (Window Project winner2017) - light installation - Gazelli Art House, London.



Ma se il vicolo fosse cieco? - solo exhib. Accademia Libera Natura e Cultura. Querceto (PI).
Dietrofront - group exhib - Volterra (PI).
Alcor & MIzar - interactive land art installation - Art in the Woods - Holmfirth (UK).
Pegaso, 10 storie per 10 stelle - interactive land art installation M’Arte Personale 2016 – Montegemoli (PI).
Costellazioni Larderello - site-specific light and photo installaton. Museo della Geotermia, Larderello, (PI).



Orione, il grande cacciatore - land art installation. MateriaPrima artist’s residence - Ceppaiano (PI).
Les Taureaux partent... - solo exhib, Piola libri, Bruxelles.
Mi-No-Tauro - solo exhib, IED headquarter, Firenze.



Ma io, sono marinese? - group exhib, Cantiere Nuovo, Marina di Pisa (PI).



Costellazione Toro – land art installation, IV edition - Biennale M’arte, Montegemoli (PI).



La dinamica dietro l’idea - solo exhib, Spazio Espositivo Sopra le Logge - (PI).
Marina di Pisa - fotocollages e light box - group exhib, Cantiere Nuovo. Marina di Pisa (PI).



Tori Terrestri - installation. III edition - Biennale M’arte, Montegemoli (PI).
Contaminazioni - Nicoletta Testi e Luca Serasini, group exhib, Centro futuramente, Pontedera (PI).



Around me, il gesto, l’occhio, la parola - group exhib, Montegemoli (PI).
Seven rooms in Pietrasanta - group exhib, Irenakos art gallery, Pietrasanta (LU).

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