A Short Bio


I was born in Pisa, Italy, in 1971.
Since 1990 I work in the Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) of the italian National Research Council (CNR) where I dealt of electronic devices (1990-1995) then I moved at the Multimedia Lab to support researchers in their educational and research activities and where I learned to use videocameras, cabling, audio video transmissions, video editing.
I started as self-taught painter in 1996 but since 2003 I started to use also the photography medium, video and videoinstallations for my artworks. Most recently I started to make land art installations (2013) also adding interactive devices due to my study in electronic (2016).
Because I'm fond of mythology, especially the Mediterranean and the Middle East and after a trip to Crete, in 2000 I began to paint bulls (the project Kites and Bulls, closed in 2015 was one of my main projects related to the love relationship and the man  energy) and since 2003 I started to use photos and collages for the project 2000 bc in which I try to rewrite the ancient history using the photos I made in my trips, often printed and glued on paper, canvas or wood, then re-coloured with acrylic, lead pencil and crayon.
Another recent project, the Constellation project, begins by the question if we still need the stars, started with Costellazione Toro land art installation (about 100 meter of lenght) for the fourth Montegemoli Biennale Marte (2013) followed by Orione, il grande cacciatore (2015) for MateriaPrima artist in residence here in Tuscany, for Art in the Woods at 2016 Holmfirth Art festival in UK (2016-second prize) with Alcor and Mizar where I first used an interactive device applied for a land art installation (since 2010 I use interactive systems for some light boxes and paintings). In the summer of 2016 I was invited for the M'Arte Personale 2016 to realize two installations and a solo exhib about this project, Costellazioni Larderello (a photographic installation with LEDs) and Pegaso, 10 stories for 10 stars, a land art Pegaso constellation with 10 interactive old telephones. Other ideas are incoming, becouse this project is one of my favourite.
Another argument I feel very much is the human condition of our society that I try to realize with two projects: the first one, started in 2016 is an evolution of the kites and bull's project, and as the title play, the Agitation of the Modern Man, wants to reflect on our actual modern condition and way of thinking, our concept of democracy, the role of mass media and politics using installations, paintings, crayons, magazines and mirrors. The second project called #Migrantes is about the condition of migrants, migrations and wars and it's started in 2013 with a short graphic novel about the Lampedusa shipwreck.

In closing, I'm one of the two founding members of Cantiere Nuovo, a cultural association based in Marina di Pisa that since 2012 brings contemporary art installations and exhibits in my native village, I'm a member of Corte Tripoli Cinematografica, a short movies cultural association based in Pisa and a member of the artist team based in Psia called Secondo Piano a Sinistra.


E-mail me at: info (at) lucaserasini.it

+39 347 7574083

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