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Studio visit / Spazio Serasini

When I thought about buying a studio in Cecina, I never expected to find a ‘white cube’. I imagined a laboratory, a portion of a warehouse, a former workshop.
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And yet here it is. I called it Spazio Serasini, because it is space that I am dealing with, both in terms of volume and because of the tendency to look upwards, towards the cosmos. A space that is transformed, from the messy laboratory to the clean, white exhibition space.

Here I expose what I have to say and show, often buds that then bloom elsewhere, far away, in uncultivated and desert fields. Spazio Serasini is open all year round to visits by curious and enthusiasts.

  • LE SCALE, GLI ASCOLTATORI – exhib in studio, March 15-31th
  • NUOVI PAESAGGI COSMICI – exhib in studio, May 27-29