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Mainly a sculptures and installations project, it aims to highlight the spirit of research that guided Marconi’s discoveries by creating immersive experiences on the theme of radio and telecommunications and, through the symbolism of the staircase and stone, a spiritual vision linked to some themes dear to monotheistic religions.

Le nuvole, le sedie (clouds and chairs)

This is a graphic works project. To a Cloud, as a symbol of fertilization and freedom, I hung, as my first work, the twelfth card of the tarot, “the hanged man”, which reverses its point of view but not the umbrella. An object that from its normal function as a protector from rain becomes instead a container of vital energy.

Progetto Costellazioni

Mainly it is a land art project (also equipped with interactive devices). All humans, in different places, with different tongues, in difference countries looks at the sky, at Sun, moon, planets and stars. But, do we need stars nowadays? With what do we orient ourself? Re-making constellations as land art installations represents a way to bring people closer to topic of the sky, of local lore and legends that, unfortunately, are increasingly forgotten. It’s a way to re-consider the sky as part of us, of our feeling, of our history.

books / novels

In this section (for the moment just for who knows italian language) you can have a look to the novels by Luca.

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