001 DJI 0008

land & sound art installation about gravitational waves – in collaboration wih EGO/VIRGO, Materia Prima Foundation, Cooltsalon, Over the Real et Al.
grass, earth
Land art by Luca Serasini
Soundscape by Massimo Magrini

Curated by Eleonora Raspi, Vincenzo Napolano, Valerio boschi
EGO VIRGO interferometer, Cascina (PI)

50 x 50 mt, 2022

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Interactive Land Art Installation
Art in the Woods / Holmfirth Arts Festival 2016 - West Yorkshire, UK2016, non-fabric tissue, wood, plastic, old telephone, LEDs, interactive device
about 30 x 11 mt

voice by Colin Pilkington

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Land Art installation
IV Biennale of Montegemoli, Tuscany - ITALY
2013, pegs and corrugated plastic, nylon, non-woven fabric, LEDS

about 200 x 80 meter

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III Biennale of Montegemoli, Tuscany - ITALY
2011, papier-machè, iron, wood

11 bulls 2 x 0,80 meter each

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Artinsolite group exhib,  Lajatico,Tuscany - ITALY
2017, forex, wood

24 bull's shapes 2 x 0,80 meter each

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