Costellazione Toro


Land Art installation
IV Biennale of Montegemoli, Tuscany - ITALY
2013, pegs and corrugated plastic, nylon, non-woven fabric, LEDS

about 200 x 80 meter

click HERE for the timelapse video,
HERE for the short movie "Costellazione Toro"

This second installation dedicated to bulls (the other was Terrestrial Bulls in 2011) comes after a path of more than 10 years devoted to paint them, often alone, often in small or large herds, until these last 2 years where in which I have taken took them among the stars, in its their constellation, one of the oldest ever since man took the sky into account the sky. As I describe in it is better described on the back of the catalogue, this process is called catasterization.
The opportunity to make Costellazione Toro on a hill, as compare having to confront myself with the landscape, and with a well-defined entity called Hill, using it as an artistic object, and as a support and to realize an on-site work was for me an opportunity chance to confront deal with the Land Art, an artistic trend movement that I have always loved and I followed a lot without ever having directly experienced it before.
For this installation I wanted to realize the constellation Taurus (or bull catasterizated bull) and reconstructing not recreating it not as it is visible to our eyes, but stretched on the hill so that it is visible from by the sky real constellation, like a sort of a mirror, of self-image of itself in which it may reflect as well as see itself. perhaps reflecting and see itself. Same thing goes for the lighting of the stars which, in the dark nights when the sky merges with the landscape, it seems to extend the sky up at down to our feet. After this, certainly it may seem superfluous to add two bull heads profiles to the installation, but I still can’t get away cannot part from a figuration of the bull for as yet I see ...



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