Do we still need the stars?
With our frenetic life, the sparkling lighting of advertisements, of street lights, do these things really separate us from them?
Nowadays we hardly ever look at the sky, and it’s no longer “present” and as mysterious as once it was.
Only on the mountains or in the desert is it possible to see this big presence.
These are the questions, and the feeling that I try to “activate” with my land art “constellations” project: to redesign in the land some of the major constellations that were so important in ancient times. [deeper...]



Chapter #6: 2017 | Große Wagen | Alcor & Mizar (indoor)

Chapter #5: 2017 | Come Iadi tra le Pleiadi

Chapter #4: 2016

Costellazioni - LarderelloPegaso, 10 storie per 10 stelle | Pegaso web experience

Chapter #3: 2016 | Alcor & Mizar

Chapter #2: 2015 | Orione, il grande cacciatore

Chapter #1: 2013 | Costellazione Toro